Briley & Hutch | Backyard Wedding | Amarillo, TX

I first met Briley in college, we were both photography students and she was my biggest lady crush. As the photography lab manager, she would glide around like a boss queen – Queen B that is. As her friend, I found out what a caring and committed individual she is. 

Taylor, also known as "Hutch," is from the same hometown, Amarillo. The two knew each other in the past and reunited when she was living in Austin. They grew very close and decided to tie the knot after he proposed during a trip to Austin.  Briley & Hutch opted to have a small backyard wedding ceremony since they wanted no fuss involved. They used pins instead of rings and took a union shot of Goldschlager after their vows. "If we could shoot that, we could get through anything" was their reasoning. 

The fun part about them getting married is that they secretly got married in Oregon before they "re-married" in Texas. They plan to get married in every state!