Blessings in the Sky

Stars by Cynthia Edith Gurrola

Stars, a photo by Cynthia Edith Gurrola on Flickr.

"I need to count my blessings," he responded.

Little did this new friend know how much he brightened my day on the first day of school. This was the first week of school and due to having surgery a few weeks before, it initiated with me hiking around in a walking boot alongside a plethora of headaches. It was a beautiful, difficult, and inspiring week.

Fresh and blooming high inspirations radiated through of all the student's faces in their smiles. A true sense of renewal floated in the air, a feeling that usually comes with the initiation of something new.

I recall feeling like this a year ago, starting  the  my junior year with great hopes. Excited for the new photography projects I was to devote my time to, such as the Enduring Women exhibit, the amazing classes I would be taking, or the new jobs I would be starting. Yet, none of that went as planned. A week into school, exactly a year ago today, I got into a car accident that  would surprisingly change the way the rest of my college career would go  (I wrote about it seven months ago Fortunate Misfortunes).

With obstacles that I would have never envisioned, I now face what became a chronic condition. I faced the need to find a different mentally on how to live my life in the future and how to face the present. I have been re-thinking my life in many ways, like finding an anchor in the midst of a storm, being inspired to create in the midst of struggle (like Frida Kahlo's strength through chronic pain and heart-aches), and how to love the people that mean the most to me.

While this year was very difficult, I can gladly say that I can still count my blessings. I'm thankful for God's grace and the learning that came from these struggles, for my friends who've loved me unconditionally and truly kept me alive, for an amazing University that has been very supportive, and for a loving family.

Today with the year anniversary of this occurrence, I am mostly happy and thankful to be alive.

The truth is, the sun really does shine after the storm.
I can feel the dawning of renewal reach my life.
I see the first cracks of light beam in the sky with the revival of a new day.

- Cynthia Edith Gurrola