Trial and Error

Road by Cynthia Edith Gurrola

Road, a photo by Cynthia Edith Gurrola on Flickr.

Sometimes we move forward thinking it is the right direction and suddenly our life entirely shifts and realigns itself to its proper course, leaving us in utter disbelief and awe.

The last few months I tried to move forward with my life in ways that were not my destiny. It has taken a few mistakes and premature actions to find my true balance and path. The wonderful part is that when we get off track, God is there to help redirect us.

I am now confronting a period of healing, both physical and internal, and it is wondrous. Alongside surgery recovery (which thankfully went well) is an internal healing of my heart. I am thankful for this temporary struggle that has highlighted the core and foundation of my true friendships. I'm thankful for friendship, especially those restored, because they are lasting ones. The good thing is I know I will eventually be able to walk again, just as I will be able to love again, but I must walk before I can pedal.

Amazingly, this  renewal comes as the seasons near the redirection of their course. I rejoice in this road of change, even if I do not know what it may bring... That is where faith comes in.

(I haven't posted in a while, trying to get back on the grind)