Fortunate Misfortunes: The Calamity of 2012

My life is not necessarily a series of unfortunate events, but it certainly is filled with mishaps. I've been in an assortment of accidents since I was in my mother's womb, literally. She was in a fender bender when pregnant with me. Another time, when I was a toddler, I was in the back seat of a van and while my mother opened the house gates a Coca-Cola truck bumped the van and it started rolling forward (yes, I was still inside).  A neighbor saw this, jumped into the van to stop it before it hit an intersection and took me out. In the fourth grade, our family van was hit by a car on our way to school. It was nothing major, was only left with a cut from the seat belt. Nothing else happend until eight grade, when I was hit by a car when crossing the street on Halloween. The driver was distracted by being on her cellphone, she made a really fast turn and barely noticed me. I hit the car and fell, I knocked out for a few seconds. Please do not talk on the phone while you drive! That same year, I fell down stairs at an apartment complex and I hurt my behind. Needless to say, one of my butt-checks is still slightly bigger than the other. Freshman year of college during Christmas break- I was rear-ended by a distracted young girl, sandwiched between her and the truck in front of me. Please be cautious when you drive.

While these past experiences were a little crazy, 2012 was definitely the most eventful. 

February, I ended up at the hospital because I chocked on a chip. (Hilarious, right?) It cut the inside of my throat so it swelled up and I couldn't breathe. I was on liquid hydrocodone for a while. The hardest part was not being able to drink coffee.

April, I went to study at a coffee shop on a lake. One of the boards there was broken so I tripped on it and fell. I sprained my foot/toe I was in a boot and crutches during final

as not fully healed yet and I might need bunion surgery in the near future.

May, I changed my oil before heading home for the summer. Unfortunately, I never made it to El Paso. Midas didn't cap my oil correctly, it all spilled out and my engine blew. I had to get my engine replaced. I was dorm-less and carrying all my belongings in my car (as any college nomad would) so I had to stay with my dad in Lufkin for a few weeks.

Then came the big one.

August, thinking I would start the semester off right... I got in a car accident. I was stopped at a light on my way home during a work break when I saw a bus rapidly approaching me. In a mili-second I thought, "that bus is coming very fast." The next thing I knew, I jammed into the car infront of me, they hit the truck in front of them, and had been rear ended by a UT longhorn bus. I don't know what exactly happened with the driver of the bus but I was stricken, numb, and in a weeping shock. Two ambulances were sent for me and one took me to the hospital.

Though I was released that same day, I hit my head badly and hurt my back. I am thankful to be okay, because it definitely could have been worse (had the impact been slightly stronger). It has been months of countless doctors, therapies, X-rays, MRI's, scans and etc. Weeks after, I was not improving and was diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome meaning I'd be dealing with the headaches, irritability and other side effects of a concussion for a longer period of time. Though that was a difficult thing for me to accept, but I kept going. It was difficult for me to get through school, had to drop two classes, and was still behind. Not at all what I expected for what was supposed to be one of my most important college semesters. Months after the accident, the headaches were still awful. After the last neck MRI, they found a fissure on my spine meaning one of my disks is permanently injured. This was even harder for me to accept because I longed to move away from this struggle.

I had no car for several weeks and had to rely on friends to give me rides. When I finally got a new car, it broke down before Thanksgiving and was carless for weeks again. Then, right before coming home for Christmas someone broke my window. Aside from that, I skipped school a lot, may times to be at the doctor, other times to sleep. Everyday was new beginning, I never knew how I would feel. Somedays I felt irritated, other days terribly depressed, some in which I only wanted to sleep or cry, and occasionally I felt good.

It's hard for others to see through my struggles because I am such a happy soul. I never have a stern face, nor do I make my distress visible to everyone. Many people didn't know what happened, which is also why I am writing this. I feel as though I vanished for the last couple of months.

Something I recently learned, is that mishaps happen and we learn, grow, and move on from them. At many times I felt lost and weak, but in all reality  I need to be weak to be strong. It is in weakness that my strength becomes perfect. Only then did I grow so much. Though it may have felt like it sometimes, I was never on my own. My friends and family (even from afar) where always there for me. These experiences have all taught me different things, most importantly how to humble myself, seek help and rely on my community. I have been blessed. And for the times I felt lost I realized that,

It's good to be lost sometimes, because you end up finding yourself all over again. 

That is where I am at. Only recently, four months after the bus incident, am I finally starting to feel better. I feel as though I can think and laugh again. Sometimes I want to jolt and run far away, even if I am stopped by a neck or back cramp. While anyone else in my position might think, "that was the worst year ever, I am glad it is over." I see it more as, "wow this year was jam packed with learning experiences." This struggle filled year brought many life lessons I never thought I would encounter. These were the most fortunate misfortunes because I am still here, I am still learning.  I am thrilled about this process of finding myself again, growing, and gaining strength.

-Cynthia Edith Gurrola