The Light of Open Doors

To a Distance by Cynthia Edith Gurrola

To a Distance, a photo by Cynthia Edith Gurrola on Flickr.

To me, the beauty of photography comes from the beauty of light in the world. Light is the main provider of life on this earth. It is the sun that dictates the way our systems move and change. Light is needed for the air we breathe, the food we eat, and to simply live. When that light is out, as a human adaptation we made electricity to continue living our lives at night. From a distance one may see little specs of light coming from people's homes as a sign of life as well as from cars driving to reach a destination. This is all beautiful to me.

The point is,

You need light to create an image. The basis of a photograph is based on light. Measuring the amount of light entering a lens is how you create a photographic image.

This is why there are many things that inspire me photographically. When I "see" an image, I think of its relation to light. Is there a metaphorical reason of why the darkness leads into light and vise versa? Yeah. There is. There is so much beauty that surrounds us that (sadly) people surpass on their daily lives. Yet, I see these things.

I guess I had not thought of that much until it was pointed it out to me. A friend told me that people do drugs so that they can see life differently and appreciate the little things, because drugs open doors to things people do not see.

"But you don't need drugs, because you already have that."

That indeed, is one of the greatest compliments I have ever received.

I do not need drugs or other things to open doors for me, because they have already been opened. I am very thankful for my seeing life in this way, as well as for all the opportunities that have come my way. Many doors have been opened for me and I am eternally grateful for that.

In reality, doors are always opening for everyone. It is only a matter of what one does when they are. As a speaker (the founder of mobile loaves and fishes) once said to me,

The law of the open door is to accept what is gracefully placed in your way and take a chance.

My open door, therefore, is to continue making images that will eventually be shared with the world (because a lot are still working documentaries) and eventually (hopefully) inspire people through my work, which purposes is to give light to people and the world.

-Cynthia Edith Gurrola