Locks of Change

[gallery] Looking back at the past year of 2011, I realized that it was a very eventful year.

I noted this more when I went through my old photo-booth photographs and realized I went through a transformation, along with my hair.

These photos embody the change I went through, illustrated by my hair changes.

At the start of the year, I had luscious hair, full of life and excited to take on another year. I just finished my first semester of college, though it was hard, I was ready for part two (which would be so much better).

January. The relationship with my long term sweetheart was restored, after the funk of 2010 and all its transitions we reignited our love entirely. I was ready to hit the books.

February. Things changed for the better, so I needed to show this new beginning. I chopped off all my hair in honor of my friend Toni. She had Cancer and always loved my hair. I promised her that when I donated it (to Wigs 4 Kids), it would be in her honor. So I did. It had so much hair that I accumulated a total of 4 donations.

June and July. My hair had been so short, but I finally liked it by the summer time. I was so broke this year that the only movie I watched in theaters was the final Harry Potter midnight release.

August. Before heading back to school, I dyed my hair. This also represented the change I would undergo. I entered what would be one of my toughest semesters. Started with two new jobs, one as a Resident Assistant and the other as the Peer Minister for Service along with 16 hrs of difficult classes.

October. Just when I thought it would get easier, and the only time I EVER said I would have an easy week, Toni my wife, dear friend, and great inspiration passed away. She passed as I drove back home to El Paso to try and reach her. I came home to make peace with this and to say see you later. After a difficult week, I returned to Austin, to what seemed to be a whole other world. This was followed by me getting very sick and behind in school, I hid in a cave for three weeks.

November. My birthday rolled around. I had no idea where I had gone. Though I was still sick, I tried to make the best of it. I realized that it truly is a blessing to be alive. Birthdays are a big deal because one day we will stop having them.

December. Work, school, finals, pinterest. What else can I say? The time when I thought, “I shouldn’t do my nails, because I need to study. But I’m going to because being in school is depressing and I need to be in the Christmas spirit. Why did I get a pinterest? I don’t know what to do with my hands.”

2011 was definitely one of the most life changing years ever.  I learned, I grew, I loved, I gained, and I lost. Overall, this year has been everything it could be and more.