Please Enjoy the Ride

I can feel my bare feet dangling from the ground as the hot air swiftly touches my toes.

I hear a faint sound coming from the background, “use safety equipment, such as seat belts and shoulder harnesses when provided.”

I strap on and wonder if I am really ready.

A stranger walks up and shoves two metal rods on to my chest,  “please keep hands, arms, and legs inside at all times,” he promptly says.

Strapped and ready, this is where my life stands. 

I waited for a prolonged time to get on this ride of life. It was more challenging than expected, I had to work hard to get where I want to be. I have come to the point where I am ready, ready to take-off. No more instructions, no more waiting in line, no more help.

“Stay inside until the ride comes to a complete stop,” the roller-coaster ride announcer says, but I wonder if it ever will. This life is always in motion.

This is where I am, ready for departure.

And finally,

 “please enjoy the ride.”


-Cynthia Edith